A phone buzzes at the table and only one of the patrons motions to answer. Branwen Hughes is on high alert, it’s lambing season at her family’s farm on the Welsch coast and her arms are the only one’s small enough to deliver a still born lamb. Before finishing her pint, she’s gone from the pub and dashing to find her parents in the field. It’s too late for the lamb, but the mother can be saved and Branwen has a job to do. It might seem a normal farm routine, but Branwen’s life is anything but ordinary. On any given winters day in Wales, she might be surfing an ocean break or hiking in Snowdonia but come summer time, Hughes disappears to the Canadian wilderness. Born a dual citizen, Branwen’s parents divided their time between a subsistent summertime life near Atikokan, Ontario, and brutal winter gales across the pond on the small island of Anglesey. The incredible Ms. Hughes was raised to not only challenge gender roles, but to live a life free of preconceived notions about human identity. She’ll paddle for weeks solo or sit in a long line of gung-ho surfer bro’s because for Branwen, life is about happiness.