Canada's modern voyageur, Mike Ranta, and his canine, Spitzii, attempt to cross Canada by canoe for a third time. After their first two sucessfull 8,000km single season crossings from pacific to atlantic ocean in 2014 and 2016, the gritty duo would find hardship at every bend on their ill-fated expedition in 2017. 

Moments from the Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games while on assignment for Team Canada.

'Cousin' Ken Lillico has lived without electrictiy since 1996. 

Branwen Hughes leads a dual life. Born to winter on the Welsh island of Angelssey at her family's sheep farm, the Hughes would pack it all up and head to wilds of northern Ontario, Canada, for summer. As a dual citizen, Branwen, at the age of 37, now spends her time much the same. Between farm tasks and prime surfing conditions, you might find her in the mountains or at the pub. Come summer, however, you'll find her alone in the northern fog, meandering the vast Canadian landscape in her solo canoe.

A team of elite kayakers travel into Canada's north in search of the finest river wave ever surfed. Loaded into two expedition rafts with enough supplies for two weeks on the river, the Nelson River would provide what later became known as 'Dream Wave'. 

Brian and his son’s grow food beyond the organic standard at their small farm in the Ottawa Valley, Canada.

Bill Miller builds canoes from his grandfathers mold, which were hand hewn with an axe in 1925. Miller brings people together over his love of water, music, and the ancient Miller Canoe Shop in downtown Nictau, New Brunswick(population 8).