An excerpt from Outside Magazine’s current issue featuring 30 Under 30: How 30 Millennial’s Are Changing the World of Adventure. []

    “David Jackson(23) traveled six days into Canada’s remote forests to surf the Dream Wave, on Manitoba’s Nelson River, with Dane Jackson and Ben Marr. The Eganville, Ontario, photographer is no stranger to commitment: he has woken up before dawn to sneak out to waterfalls in Zapatista- controlled Mexico and spent 40 winter nights camping in sideways rain in British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii, all in dogged pursuit of the perfect shot. This year the Canadian Olympic Committee extended Jackson a coveted invitation: to shoot the 2016 Games alongside a pair of veteran photojournalists. “He has the ability to be one of the best,” says Mark Blinch, who helped mentor Jackson in Rio. “It’s hard to find photographers who are good to work with and don’t have an ego.” Chalk up his outdoor cred to a childhood marked by extended canoe solos and a full embrace of the Ottawa Valley as a freestyle-kayaking hub. -Dave Shively”

You've come here, to the about page, in search of my soul and the all the things that make David Jackson wake up each morning. Perhaps it's best you just call me, or better yet, come visit me in Canada. Until then...

I rise before the sun, I associate with authenticity, I'm fascinated by flies as forever I've been one, but I like to be dirty... Dirty as in swollen fingers, cracked lips, dirt under the nails, grit on the face, ice on the lens, and mud in the ports. Dirty flies feel the scene, dirty flies relate because they are there, but dirty flies understand that their role, void of ego, is to buzz the shadows and watch the compelling drama of life.