David Jackson is a freelance assignment and editorial photographer working at home and abroad from his base in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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 Mike Ranta departs two days after my departure from Lake Superior, Ontario. Arriving to Killarney on his birthday, Ranta revels with Johhny Z and eats fish and chips with his father. I depart for the French River via Colins inlet on Northern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, Ontario. 20171002.  Photo/David Jackson
 Mike Ranta waits in a small point camp during gale force winds and driving ran on Wednesday before an instant wind decrease from 100km gust to 0. In the morning, Ranta wakes to a setting fog as he approaches Sheesheeb Bay on Lake Superior, Ontario.  After waiting the fog out all day and a scary cliff scenario in the morning, Ranta crosses in the evening. 20170921.  Photo/David Jackson